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Asset Tracking Is Our Passion

With the desire to help companies and individuals protect their assets, increase business growth and maximize their efficiency, Real Time Tracking (RTT) is a leading GPRS Services Provider in Uganda with superior vehicle and fleet tracking and fuel management systems.

The systems can be used on assets of all sizes such as motorbikes, vehicles, generators, underground tanks, surface tanks, tractors, heavy machinery, etc. The asset tracking solutions we propose collect data in one central location which can then be processed faster. When asset tracking is automated, the customer saves money and achieves efficiency in operations.

As the fastest growing tracking company in Uganda, offering Russian fleet management products from Gurtam and Wialon with Robust Hybrid devices, GPS/GSM with anti-jamming functionality and backup solutions, we ensure these work for our clients remotely, efficiently and with automated systems.

RTT constantly upgrades their product catalogue to meet client expectations, by actively engaging in innovative technology to ensure their customers are always satisfied with their services.

We offer installation and maintenance services and a control room that monitors all accounts 24/7 to allow clients to reach out for verification, reports and assistance as our systems analyze and process logistics, route optimization, help in the prevention of theft and misuse in cases such as over speeding, fuel siphoning and extra mileage.


Basic Tracking

  • Real time location of the vehicle
  • 3D View format location
  • Vehicle Movements and Direction Real time
  • Vehicle engine status (Engine hrs Recorded)
  • Due to service /Insurance Reminders…

Full Installation (Fuel Management)

  • Real Time Detection of Actual Amount of fuel inside the tank
  • Fuel filling Captures (location of fillings, Initial Fuel, Fuel Filled and the Total fuel, time and Date inclusive)…

Reporting & Notifications/Alerts

  • Daily/weekly or Monthly Reports
  • The ability to export softcopy or Print copy
  • System Sound alerts
  • Immediate Crucial notifications i.e. fuel thefts, over speeding…

Security beyond Tracking solutions / Parking Space

RTT has gone beyond and provided ample parking space for impounded vehicles at a very cost friendly rate, the place is located in Luzira Chorley Road with utmost security.
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