Basic Tracking

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  • Real time location of the vehicle
  • 3D View format location
  • Vehicle Movements and Direction Real time
  • Vehicle engine status (Engine hrs Recorded)
  • Due to service /Insurance Reminders
  • The ability to play back events (Data backed up to 6 months)
  • Over Speed Reporting as per the set Limit
  • Mileage Recorded as per the distance covered
  • Odometer reading reflecting on the system
  • Un authorized parking detections
  • Un authorized Night movement captured with alerts indicating mileage covered as per the violation
  • Blacklisting of specific days say Sunday or Saturday, if violated the system automatically triggers alerts
  • Geo-fencing/(No Go Zones)  specific Areas or Regions  are geo –fenced, if the vehicle exists or enters the regions notification Triggered with immediacy
  • Battery Life span monitoring and Notifications if low
  • Driver Behavior on the Road (Freewheeling, Harsh Breaks and Wrong Turns) Notifications
  • The ability to Engine Disable (Vehicle Immobilization optional) in cases of illegal movements or Vehicle Thefts
  • Driver Identification Tags (Optional)
  • Over Time Idling
  • Towing alerts and Notifications
  • Driver Profile, Photo and Vehicle Data
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Press Panic alerts activation (optional)
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